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    Standard Access saves 220 hours of crane time at IGLU Apartments!

    The 21st century has never been faster. Cheaper materials and technology are combining to see skylines change almost by the day.

    Standard Access is turning heads with its larger, customisable Raxtar hoists – transporting larger materials, like bath room pods at speeds that are saving companies a huge amount of crane time which enables the client to complete their construction faster.

    With company representatives now impressed with the smooth cost-saving operation ofRaxtar, they’re shouting about it on social media. Which makes us proud!

    As Nick Young at Hacer Group, which is currently experiencing massive savings at IGLU Apartments, explains, “With these Raxtar hoists, we are transporting 4 x bath room pods in 12.5minutes – if we were to do it by crane it would take 25min per pod.”

    We’d like to add to Nick’s worthy assessment. A case study of IGLU Apartments was conducted, where Hacer is installing 600 bathroom pods, and the difference in transport time would equate to a massive 220 hours of crane time savings.

    Here’s something worth thinking about as Pascal, Director of Raxtar, explains, “We are looking at ways where logistics can be done in a total different way. Imagine a truck or a container pulling up to site and being loaded directly into the hoist. This would eliminate double or triple handling of materials.”

    The Dutch are magicians when it comes to engineering, so it’s no surprise that Raxtar was born in Holland and chose us at Standard Access to be their Aussie partner.

    In the UK and USA, builders are adopting Raxtar’s newly designed common towers along with the larger hoists. Australia, although behind, will need to adopt these methods if they want to keep up with their international counterparts.

    The fast-paced world of construction waits for no-one, but we believe here at Standard Access, along with Raxtar, we’ll continue to keep you right up to speed!

    We have all your vertical access needs covered, enquire today and visit: www.scanrent.com.au or call: +61 3 9312 6497 to learn more about our Raxtar hoists.

    Brings game-changing vertical access solution to Australia

    As building projects are getting larger and more complex, builders are facing pressure to multiply the efficiency of their staff and equipment to meet timelines. When you’re talking about vertically scaling high-rise towers, every little delay like waiting for the crane to become available (crane time) counts.

    At Standard Access, we try to bring solutions to the market that enable builders to achieve more with less. Our most recent introduction to the Australian market is a game-changing solution that removes a builder’s reliance on cranes for façade construction!

    We’re talking about Scanclimber’s Monster Mono Rail lifting equipment, which attaches to the Mast Climbing Work Platform– an innovative, versatile and time-saving solution which has been designed for medium to large projects.

    Standard Access has provided this cutting-edge solution to Yuanda, a façade manufacturer contracted by Multiplex to complete façade works at both 80 Collins street and 447 Collins street in Melbourne. Both projects are modern mixed-use high-rise buildings that are shaping the city’s skyline with their architectural facades.

    The Monster Mono Rail operates completely independent to the mast climber allowing workers to complete their works at their desired height whilst the Monster Mono Rail is locked in above. With the Mono Rail lifting equipment, the workers no longer have to wait for the crane hook to become available; instead they can utilise the hoist which is attached to the Mono Rail to lift their panels and parts up to 650kg. Façade companies also have better control over their equipment and are able to work more efficiently. A reduction in crane time also equates to time and money savings for the builder!

    Attached to the Monster Rail is the SC6000 which has an exceptional loading capacity – 3300 kg for a single mast and 5600 kg for a twin mast arrangement. The platform’s reliability is unquestionable – equipped with features such as mechanical safety brakes and top and bottom safety limit switches, workers are bound to feel secure and confident using the system.

    Since the inception of the SC6000 model, Scanclimber have gone on to build the SC8000 and now the SC10000 increasing the payload capacity and platform reach so that they can provide bigger and better solutions to the market. Scanclimber has won “The Product of the Year” in the mast climbing work platforms and hoists category at the IAPA awards for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015) and again in 2018, making them the best-in-class when it comes to mast climbers.

    This solution was first applied to high-rise towers in Germany and has been developed even further to serve the needs of their partner Standard Access.

    Let’s be part of the solution

    Our city skyline is filled with tower cranes and hoists for there is a boom going on at the moment with the construction of apartment buildings taking place throughout Australia and even more so in cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    However – looks can be deceiving. Even though our beautiful city is made up of some of the most amazing designs, we still are experiencing a silent killer within the building industry. This relates to the flammable materials involved in construction and cladding work of buildings within the Australian construction industry.

    Currently just in Victoria, there are more than 5,000 buildings that are non-compliant and do not follow the most up to date code for facade work.

    This means Melbourne needs to catch up on refurbishing these developments immediately, before long term damages will take a toll on our city. In the past we have seen some architectural disasters due to bad cladding work such as: The London Grenfell Building incident and The Lacrosse Apartment 2014 fire.

    Unsafe materials used in cladding prevents you from the chance to feel safe in your city and that is where we come in, because safety here at Standard Access is always our number one priority and we care about involving ourselves with products and services to ensure Melbourne feels supported and safe again.

    Replacement of these materials will be expensive no doubt but what about the vertical access required to complete these refurbishments.

    Scaffolding is usually the conventional choice as the equipment is ready and available but is it the right choice? Scaffolding can be expensive to install and also unsightly to the landscape let alone the lack of light levels and lack of privacy that these owners or tenants may endure for long periods of time. Surely with a whole city wrapped in scaffold and shade cloth, this cannot be the answer.

    Cable Suspended Platforms (Swings) can also be used to help with refurbishing facade work. These platforms have been designed to wrap around any facade, making them adaptable to different building profiles but these platforms have their limitations with small load capacity’s and heavily dependent on weather conditions which reduces the time these platforms can be suspended up in the air resulting in constant delays.

    So what else is on the market?

    Standard Access have been involved in complex mast climbing projects throughout Malaysia and Singapore for the past 20 years and this kind of solution is nothing new. Most cities throughout the world recognize Mast Climbers as the only safe choice and over the past few years both Queensland and Sydney have also adopted this type of access as best in class. So why is Melbourne behind when it comes to this type of technology?

    Mast climbing work platforms are both quick and easy to install which can be customized to most building profiles. At the same time Mast Climbers can span there platforms over longer distances and use less fixings to tie back to the building. There are all sorts of attachments like snake platforms, all reach platforms and slide out decks to name a few.

    These Mast Climbers are incredibly strong and sturdy and are least affected by weather conditions which makes them the safest choice in the market. But most importantly to the tenant or owner, Mast Climbers can be screened off in sections to provide privacy whilst not inhibiting their view during the day and at night.

    Mast Climbers can also be driven down the mast and parked on the ground floor at night allowing the building to be seen leaving a landscape that’s not inhibited by a layer of aluminum poles and shade cloth therefore not devaluing the property whilst the repairs are taking place.

    Standard Access has a team of professionals in vertical access solutions to ensure that projects like bad cladding work can be restored again. With over 20 years of experience with international projects we have found that Mast Climbers work the best!

    We are joining the movement now too and can improve construction techniques in Melbourne by providing custom designed Mast Climbers that have sliding decks, all reach platforms and recently new our monorail lifting equipment systems that can assist those who would like to limit the usage of larger tower cranes.

    Do you want to learn more? Please call: +61 3 9312 6497 or go to www.scanrent.com.au to learn more about our Mast Climbing Work Platforms and how Standard Access is committed to help make Melbourne an even more livable city for many more years to come.

    Standard Access saves 500 hours of crane time

    Melbourne’s construction boom has led to an increase in the number of cranes dominating the city’s skyline. As builders look at new methods to improve time and cost efficiencies on their projects, reducing their reliance on cranes has become critical.

    Standard Access found that the RAXTAR material and personnel hoists from the Netherlands provided the most effective vertical access solution for builders looking to reduce crane time and save money. Not only is RAXTAR secure and reliable but they are market leaders when it comes to bespoke hoist solutions.

    In 2017, Standard Access helped Hacer Group save an estimated 500 hours of crane time on their IGLU student accommodation project using the RAXTAR hoists. Needless to say, Hacer were extremely impressed with the results. They were able to transport large items like pre-fabricated bathroom pods, window and brick packs to each floor of the 24-level building via the extra-large RAXTAR hoist.

    Using the RAXTAR Bear II – a 4.5m long x 2m wide hoist – Standard Access transported these materials at an exceptional speed that wouldn’t have been matched by a crane. For example, with the hoists, a bathroom pod could be transported to a single floor in 2.4 minutes while a crane would have taken 25 minutes per pod. At the same time, personnel were also transported without delaying the transportation of materials. This is due to the physical size of the hoist.

    Overall the hoists saved an estimated 500 hours of crane time transporting a range of materials to each floor:

    • 250 hours saved for 600 bathroom pods
    • 150 hours saved for 360 window crates
    • 50 hours saved for brick packs
    • 10 hours saved for scissor lifts
    • 40 hours saved for other materials

    Standard Access understands that these are the kind of savings that matter for builders who are continuously adopting innovative building systems to reduce construction time. For instance, pre-fabricating bathroom pods offsite is an excellent way to reduce construction time and save money, however, builders need inventive vertical access solutions so they’re not losing time in logistics.

    If you’ve encountered a similar issue on your project, contact Standard Access today to find out how we can help you. We work with builders to provide vertical access solutions that truly improve a project’s productivity without compromising on timeliness and safety.

    There’s no place we cannot reach!

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