There’s no place we cannot reach!

Scaling buildings vertically comes with its fair share of challenges. These days, buildings have modern structures and visual architectural elements on facades which only adds to the complexity of vertical access. Getting to the desired spot from top down is not always possible especially, on a windy day when swings are not the safest solution for personnel.

Enter the mast climber – a secure, reliable and flexible solution to access greater heights. The mast climber provides absolute stability as it travels up and down a fixed mast anchored back to the structure. What makes this mast climber so special is its ability to access those hard to reach areas.

Standard Access recently introduced the All Reach (ARE) platform to Australia, which attaches to select mast climbing models. It slides in, out and along the platform by more than 5 meters and, slews by 90 degrees. These features allow the operator to manoeuvre the platform at any angle or height they require making it the safest and most stable platform to work from.

Our first use of the platform was on Hickory’s recent 50 La Trobe street project, a 44-level tower deemed to be the tallest student accommodation building in the country. A major challenge of the project was accessing the tower’s northern elevation which had around a third of the building weight drawn in. By using the mast climber and ARE extension, Standard Access were able to deliver a solution that was easy to install, cost-effective and most favourable to workers.

Contractors were amazed at the platform’s versatility and durability. When asked for feedback, they said that they felt so safe on the mast climber and ARE that they no longer want to work off the swing stage.

Currently, Standard Access is the only company in Australia to supply the All Reach extension, which is 7 meters in length and can carry a payload of up to 240 kgs. Workers have ample space for tools and equipment and the overall stability of the mast climber means that they can work in harsher weather conditions without compromising on safety.

If you have a project that has unique vertical access needs, get in touch to find out how Standard Access can help you.