Standard Access saves 500 hours of crane time

Melbourne’s construction boom has led to an increase in the number of cranes dominating the city’s skyline. As builders look at new methods to improve time and cost efficiencies on their projects, reducing their reliance on cranes has become critical.

Standard Access found that the RAXTAR material and personnel hoists from the Netherlands provided the most effective vertical access solution for builders looking to reduce crane time and save money. Not only is RAXTAR secure and reliable but they are market leaders when it comes to bespoke hoist solutions.

In 2017, Standard Access helped Hacer Group save an estimated 500 hours of crane time on their IGLU student accommodation project using the RAXTAR hoists. Needless to say, Hacer were extremely impressed with the results. They were able to transport large items like pre-fabricated bathroom pods, window and brick packs to each floor of the 24-level building via the extra-large RAXTAR hoist.

Using the RAXTAR Bear II – a 4.5m long x 2m wide hoist – Standard Access transported these materials at an exceptional speed that wouldn’t have been matched by a crane. For example, with the hoists, a bathroom pod could be transported to a single floor in 2.4 minutes while a crane would have taken 25 minutes per pod. At the same time, personnel were also transported without delaying the transportation of materials. This is due to the physical size of the hoist.

Overall the hoists saved an estimated 500 hours of crane time transporting a range of materials to each floor:

  • 250 hours saved for 600 bathroom pods
  • 150 hours saved for 360 window crates
  • 50 hours saved for brick packs
  • 10 hours saved for scissor lifts
  • 40 hours saved for other materials

Standard Access understands that these are the kind of savings that matter for builders who are continuously adopting innovative building systems to reduce construction time. For instance, pre-fabricating bathroom pods offsite is an excellent way to reduce construction time and save money, however, builders need inventive vertical access solutions so they’re not losing time in logistics.

If you’ve encountered a similar issue on your project, contact Standard Access today to find out how we can help you. We work with builders to provide vertical access solutions that truly improve a project’s productivity without compromising on timeliness and safety.