Best In Class Services & Tractel Product Partners

Standard Access is proud to supply some of the best lifting and access equipment on the market, including the Tractel product range. When carrying out any services, we utilise these best-on-the-market Tractel products and resources to ensure your worksite remains efficient and highly productive. The Standard Access team also provides full servicing and maintenance on these machines to guarantee they continue performing safely and to the highest industry standards.

Whether you’re sourcing a product to use on your site for the long term or you need a short-term solution for a quick high-access job, Standard Access is your one-stop-shop for the best products in the business.

Full support on all Tractel products – As part of the Standard Access promise to supply the best Tractel products on the market. We commit ourselves to assure you have a complete understanding of the Tractel product range. When you chat with us, our team will take the time to help you navigate a Tractel lifting, hoisting or material handling solution that is the best fit for your job. We will also take the time to help you post-purchase or during your rental period so you can maximise the effectiveness of your new machinery.

Other Standard Access Services:

Fleet Management – With our larger customers who have multiple assets, we will help you manage your fleet. 

Hoist Hire – Standard Access will provide a hoist for hire while we service your hoist.

Package Deals – Whatever you require, you have curated a package deal for you. Whether you require a basic set or a hyper-specific kit to fit your needs, we can accommodate you.

Annual Servicing – Any products hired or sold from Standard Access will receive annual servicing. No need to organise it; we will contact you when it’s time for your assets to be serviced.

Whether you purchase or rent the products in the Standard Access range, we will monitor when annual servicing is required and carry this out effectively to guarantee your product always meets and exceeds Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Our team is also specialised in carrying out servicing on the complex Tractel product range to ensure your equipment always functions to its full potential. 

10-year Gearbox Overhauls – Is your equipment up for a 10-Year Gearbox overhaul? Standard Access performs 10-year Gearbox Overhauls to keep your equipment compliant.

Full Range of Wire Ropes We have an extensive range of wire ropes to fit your hoist’s needs.

Rope Inspections -We perform Rope inspections to ensure that your hoists are standard and compliant.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing, hiring or engaging in our other services, give us a call today to find a cost-effective, long-lasting vertical access solution in no time. 

We provide services with the help of our many suppliers such as Tractel products and an extensively experienced and skilled technical team that includes qualified welders and boilermakers, electricians, fitters and turners, advanced riggers, and specialist engineers who focus on fault diagnosis, lifting advice and design specifications.

Looking for a trusted partner for your vertical access need? Contact Standard Access today!