Standard Access is a leading supplier of pass-through electrical wire rope hoists, famous for supplying brands such as minifor and tirak. These systems are often copied, but can never be equalled.

We are able to offer a complete range of manual and electrical chain hoists, clamps, pulleys and hooks, as well as ground handling equipment. No matter the weight, position or shape of your load, we have the equipment you need to safely and efficiently handle it.

We have partnered with Tractel® to supply our clients with the world’s first manual pass-through wire rope hoist. Recognised for its strength, durability and ease of use, the Tirfor® is ideal for long pulls in harsh environments. Fast and easy to use, means less downtime on your worksite.

Standard Access offers high quality, versatile and cost-effective lifting and handling equipment. Our product range includes tirfor® endless wire rope winches, miniforTM motorised wire rope hoists and tirakTM mobile wire rope winches.

Mobile wire rope winches: tirak™

  • X300, X302
  • X400, X401 X402, X403
  • X500, X502, X503
  • X600, X601, X602, X603
  • X800, X802, X803, X805
  • X1020, X1023, X1025, X1026
  • T1020, T1023, T1025, T1026
  • X1530, X3050, X3052
traction hoists by tirak
Motorised wire rope hoists: minifor™

Motorised wire rope hoists: minifor

  • SY Series
  • TR-Series
  • Snatch Blocks for tirakand minifor hoists
  • ELC – ELS pulley

Endless wire rope winches: tirfor®

  • T500 Series
  • TU-H Series
  • TU EN13157 Series
Endless wire rope winches: tirfor

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