Our experienced team can ensure clients are assisted with installation, rigging and dismantlement of all material hoists, lifting equipment and mast climbing work platforms. Our installation staff are fully trained and can provide you with an efficient and completely safe installation.

Along with testing services, we can offer onsite training workshops presented by our highly skilled technicians. Our comprehensive solutions are used onsite in order to test and inspect lifting and rigging equipment in a professionally controlled manner.

The last stage of our testing service is to provide a comprehensive reporting system. We provide our clients with detailed reports, identifying equipment and parts which may need replacing. We can also recommend other solutions for their specific project needs.

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Hoist Rigging Services in Melbourne

How do you select the right vertical access infrastructure for a project?

The ability to transport materials from the ground to the workspace is just one component of the solution. Rigging and installation are essential to the operation of vertical access machinery. Standard Access addresses all three concerns with our approach.


The Importance of Hoist Rigging Services 

Why rely on a company like Standard Access for hoist rigging services?

  • You aren’t counting on your hoist just to transport personnel and materials on time. The solution needs to do it safely as well. Professional and experienced assistance can ensure your compliance with all occupational health and safety regulations.
  • Personal and attentive service has a deeper impact beyond client relations. Clear communication puts us in the best position to fully understand and address your needs. This makes strong communication essential to your project’s success.


What Sets Standard Access’s Hoist Rigging Services Apart?

Standard Access are the best choice for rigging services because we provide:

  • Dedicated end-to-end service from the first point of contact to the final day of the project. Our comprehensive offering gives you confidence that you have the most suitable equipment for your project.
  • A broad range of equipment from industry standard manufacturers, who boast innovative and market leading operational features.

The Standard Access team are committed to our clients and their needs, with the aim of effectively collaborating to achieve project success.


About Standard Access

With over 30 years of service, the Standard Access team have demonstrated our strong drive to achieve client satisfaction and maintain a high level of safety standards. With hundreds of successful projects completed, we are always looking forward to the next opportunity to collaborate with your business to provide vertical access and hoisting services. Get in touch for more details.