Our Personnel & Material Hoists serve both temporary and permanent functions and have been designed to suit a range of industries. Our diverse products vary in size, payload capacity and speed. If we don’t have a ready-made suitable solution, we can customise equipment to your meet your requirements.

Why a Personnel & Material Hoist?

Our Personnel & Material Hoists improve onsite efficiency whilst withstanding heavy payloads and reducing time required for craning heavy traffic and loading requirements. All our lifting equipment is reliably and robustly engineered.

Personnel & Material Hoists
The Benefits?
  • Personnel & Material Hoists have frequency control, facilitating smooth operation with differing load capacities, while stopping and starting.
  • Easily operated by your inducted personnel.
  • The door comes in various sizes and options, including an emergency exit.
  • Door structures operate both manually and electronically. Sliding door features sideways opening, as well as fully up and down.
  • Hoists are constructed with galvanised steel aluminium and stainless steel.

Personnel Hoist Hire


Choosing a Personnel Hoist Hire You Can Trust

When making a choice for a personnel hoist hire, careful selection is crucial. Above all the safety of your workers is always the priority. Transport of personnel requires great care and attention to detail. At Standard Access, we are dedicated to achieving quality results, inspiring confidence with our customers.


Typical Problems with Personnel Hoist Rental

Those who have hired hoists or scaffolding previously may have encountered issues with poor or lacking service. Standard Access is proud to address these issues for the benefit of our clients:

  • Lack of access to equipment with an appropriate rating for your project needs. Ensuring that you have a hoist with an appropriate safety rating is a priority at Standard Access.
  • Too much setup work creates delays and safety risks. Installation and erection of a hoist is a time-consuming and engaging process. The Standard Access team have extensive experience in this service and undertake those tasks so that your personnel can focus their efforts on their work.
  • Poor communication and uncommitted customer service present serious risk when dealing in vertical access solutions. We deliver consummate service complete with end-to-end support. This means you’re never in the dark about where your equipment is and when it will be ready for use.


Project success can depend on avoiding these issues when it comes to navigating a rental.


The Importance of the Right Personnel & Material Hoist

Not just any setup will suit your needs, choosing the right Personnel & Material Hoist is crucial to the outcome of your project:

  • Purpose-built equipment engineered with your needs in mind is always the superior choice. It ensures that your team can work faster and stay safe while doing so. Knowing that there’s no risk of over-taxing the system to the point of danger is invaluable.
  • You can proceed towards project completion on time and on target within your budget. Choosing the most suitable equipment from the start is the most cost-effective approach. Not only will you avoid delays from swapping equipment, but you’ll save money by avoiding those changes as well.
  • The right equipment will serve you project after project because of Standard Access offers purchase on many of the same industry-leading brands we provide for hire.


Why Trust Standard Access with Your Material Hoists in Melbourne?

Standard Access have successfully helped hundreds of projects reach completion by supplying critical infrastructure when and where it is needed most. We encourage you to view our past projects or explore our videos to learn about our successes and how we support our clients. Ready to take the next steps? Please use our contact form now.

SC1432FSC1432FPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.20 x 1.40 x 2.001.4T36m/min
SC2032FSC2032FPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.20 x 1.51 x 2.002.0T36m/min
SC2037FSC2037FPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.70 x 1.51 x 2.002.0T36m/min
SC3232FSC3232FPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.20 x 1.51 x 2.003.2T54m/min
SC3237FSC3237FPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.70 x 1.51 x 2.003.2T54m/min
SC3039SC3039Personnel & Materials Hoist54m/min
Personnel & Materials Hoist54m/min

RX2740FLRX2740FLPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.90 x 1.52 x 2.602.7T72m/min
RX2745FLRX2745FLPersonnel & Materials Hoist4.40 x 1.52 x 2.602.7T72m/min
RX2740FLPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.90 x 1.52 x 2.602.7T92m/min
RX2745FLPersonnel & Materials Hoist4.40 x 1.52 x 2.602.7T92m/min
RX3240FLPersonnel & Materials Hoist3.90 x 1.52 x 2.603.2T92m/min
RX3245FLRX3245FLPersonnel & Materials Hoist4.40 x 1.52 x 2.603.2T92m/min
RX4050FL - WIDE LOADERPersonnel & Materials Hoist5.00 x 3.04 x 2.604.0T36m/min
RX2745FL - THE BEAR IIRX2745FL - THE BEAR IIPersonnel & Materials Hoist4.40 x 2.00 x 2.602.7T72m/min
RX2550FL - THE BEAR Personnel & Materials Hoist4.90 x 2.00 x 2.602.5T72m/min
RX5562FL - THE BEAST Personnel & Materials Hoist6.12 x 2.50 x 3.335.5T92m/min

GD 2PKPersonnel & Materials Hoist - Crane ClimberVarious lengths200kg24 m/min
GD SH - INDUSTRIAL LIFTPersonnel & Material Hoist - Industrial Made to Order200-2000kg24-60 m/min
GD 500 Z/ZPPersonnel & Material Hoist - Industrial 24m/min
GEDA 1500 Z/ZPPersonnel & Material Hoist - Industrial 24m/min
GD 500 Z/ZP & 1500 Z/ZPPersonnel & Material Hoist - Industrial 24m/min