Building Maintenance Units (BMUs)

A Building Maintenance Units (BMU) on site in Adelaide, AUS

The World Leader in Permanent Access Equipment

Standard Access Australia is a leading provider of hoisting equipment, lifting and handling solutions, and building maintenance units (BMUs) for various industries, including commercial, industrial, and residential. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services, combining performance, ergonomics, safety, and comfort. Their product offerings include mast climbing work platforms, material hoists, personnel and material hoists, tirak traction hoists, minifor TR series, blocstop BSO for material handling, building maintenance units, blade maintenance platforms, dynafor load indicators, and EP block for man-riding applications.

Additionally, Standard Access provides consulting services, fabrication and customisation, maintenance and repairs, refurbishing, rigging services, and training. Standard Access Australia partners with reputable suppliers such as Tractel, Scanclimber, Geda, Raxtar XL, Altrex, Fixator, and Jaso Products to provide high-quality and reliable solutions to their clients.

Our Tractel™ Solution Offering

Tractel™ is a world-leading safety specialist providing reliable, innovative, cost-effective working-at-height solutions and services. These solutions are used in many end-user applications, in particular in industrial, construction, energy, telecoms and infrastructure projects.

Dual driven tirak®has self-powered reelers that automatically collect the wire rope at the same speed as the hoist without the need to add motors, clutches and circuits.

Because the dual reelers do not collect the wire rope under load, we eliminate crushing and strand damage and prolong the lifespan of the wire rope.

Built-in safety devices constantly monitor all operations for complete operator safety. Integrated safety features include an obstruction sensing device, overload detection, centrifugal brake, electromagnetic motor brake and, in the event of loss of power, a manual controlled descent device.

Material hoist can be incorporated into the design for building maintenance or final construction.


Choosing Standard Access & Tractel™:

Enhanced Safety and Protection
for your employees, whatever
your application, industry or
geographical location
A comprehensive range of
Products and Solutions,
combining performance,
ergonomics, safety and comfort
Global and local Sales,
Service and cost effective
After-sales support
Excellence and integrity in
Engineering, Manufacturing
Code Compliance
Assured Quality and
recognized Standards
Experience and Expertise

Why Choose Standard Access?

We provide solutions that can easily be integrated into complex architectural designs and match your aesthetic and technical requirements. Standard Access offers a complete range of permanent access solutions, including:

  • Powered and Special Cradles: to be used with BMUs, davits and monorails
  • Polelifts: for buildings under 20m high without taking up roof space
  • Ladders and Traveling Gantries: an access solution particularly suited for glazed structures
  • Permanent Lifelines: a secure access solution for rooftop maintenance
  • Bridge Gantries or Suspension Trolleys: a specific solution for bridge maintenance


Tractel® is a leading supplier of Permanent Access Systems
across the globe. Our experienced team of engineers and
project managers are capable of working with you from
concept to installation. With more than 10,000 references
worldwide, it’s clear that our solutions are built for even the
most complex of jobs.

Tried, Tested, Tractel™


HMI LCD Display

HMI LCD Display on BMUsHMI LCD display clearly communicates the status of the BMU and platform to the operator on the platform and to the team on the rooftop.

Ergonomic Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The control system is equipped with dedicated failsafe toggle switches. User-friendly design with dedicated switches for each function that eliminates unintentional machine movement.



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