Standard Access offer maintenance repair and servicing for all of our available products including:
  • Personnel & Material Hoists
  • Mast Climbing Work Platforms
  • Industrial Hoists
  • Crane Climbers
  • Material Hoists
  • Suspended Platforms
Standard Access have experience in maintaining, servicing and repairing the following brands:
Standard Access provides a range of maintenance and repair services including:
  • Repairs of breakdowns: Our technical team are standing by to provide assistance, whether you’re in need of repairs or an upgrade. We can facilitate your work schedule and work within time constraints to meet your needs.
  • Spare parts: Ensure you get in contact straight away if you’re in need of a spare part. We keep a range of replacements for hoists and other equipment on hand. We can deliver parts to your worksite and if the required stock is unavailable, we can order it for you.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Regularly scheduled upkeep can eliminate the downtime needed to repair your lifting equipment. Crane repairs, crane inspections and general maintenance are all important parts of the process.

If you’re in need of assistance with your hoists or other vertical access equipment, contact one of our experienced team members.

Standard Access can meet any maintenance and repairs needs your project or equipment has.

Maintenance and Repair