Brings game-changing vertical access solution to Australia

As building projects are getting larger and more complex, builders are facing pressure to multiply the efficiency of their staff and equipment to meet timelines. When you’re talking about vertically scaling high-rise towers, every little delay like waiting for the crane to become available (crane time) counts.

At Standard Access, we try to bring solutions to the market that enable builders to achieve more with less. Our most recent introduction to the Australian market is a game-changing solution that removes a builder’s reliance on cranes for façade construction!

We’re talking about Scanclimber’s Monster Mono Rail lifting equipment, which attaches to the Mast Climbing Work Platform– an innovative, versatile and time-saving solution which has been designed for medium to large projects.

Standard Access has provided this cutting-edge solution to Yuanda, a façade manufacturer contracted by Multiplex to complete façade works at both 80 Collins street and 447 Collins street in Melbourne. Both projects are modern mixed-use high-rise buildings that are shaping the city’s skyline with their architectural facades.

The Monster Mono Rail operates completely independent to the mast climber allowing workers to complete their works at their desired height whilst the Monster Mono Rail is locked in above. With the Mono Rail lifting equipment, the workers no longer have to wait for the crane hook to become available; instead they can utilise the hoist which is attached to the Mono Rail to lift their panels and parts up to 650kg. Façade companies also have better control over their equipment and are able to work more efficiently. A reduction in crane time also equates to time and money savings for the builder!

Attached to the Monster Rail is the SC6000 which has an exceptional loading capacity – 3300 kg for a single mast and 5600 kg for a twin mast arrangement. The platform’s reliability is unquestionable – equipped with features such as mechanical safety brakes and top and bottom safety limit switches, workers are bound to feel secure and confident using the system.

Since the inception of the SC6000 model, Scanclimber have gone on to build the SC8000 and now the SC10000 increasing the payload capacity and platform reach so that they can provide bigger and better solutions to the market. Scanclimber has won “The Product of the Year” in the mast climbing work platforms and hoists category at the IAPA awards for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015) and again in 2018, making them the best-in-class when it comes to mast climbers.

This solution was first applied to high-rise towers in Germany and has been developed even further to serve the needs of their partner Standard Access.