Standard Access saves 220 hours of crane time at IGLU Apartments!

The 21st century has never been faster. Cheaper materials and technology are combining to see skylines change almost by the day.

Standard Access is turning heads with its larger, customisable Raxtar hoists – transporting larger materials, like bath room pods at speeds that are saving companies a huge amount of crane time which enables the client to complete their construction faster.

With company representatives now impressed with the smooth cost-saving operation ofRaxtar, they’re shouting about it on social media. Which makes us proud!

As Nick Young at Hacer Group, which is currently experiencing massive savings at IGLU Apartments, explains, “With these Raxtar hoists, we are transporting 4 x bath room pods in 12.5minutes – if we were to do it by crane it would take 25min per pod.”

We’d like to add to Nick’s worthy assessment. A case study of IGLU Apartments was conducted, where Hacer is installing 600 bathroom pods, and the difference in transport time would equate to a massive 220 hours of crane time savings.

Here’s something worth thinking about as Pascal, Director of Raxtar, explains, “We are looking at ways where logistics can be done in a total different way. Imagine a truck or a container pulling up to site and being loaded directly into the hoist. This would eliminate double or triple handling of materials.”

The Dutch are magicians when it comes to engineering, so it’s no surprise that Raxtar was born in Holland and chose us at Standard Access to be their Aussie partner.

In the UK and USA, builders are adopting Raxtar’s newly designed common towers along with the larger hoists. Australia, although behind, will need to adopt these methods if they want to keep up with their international counterparts.

The fast-paced world of construction waits for no-one, but we believe here at Standard Access, along with Raxtar, we’ll continue to keep you right up to speed!

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