Suspended Working Platforms Melbourne

Safe And Reliable Cable Suspended Working Platform


Cable suspended platforms are an economical scaffolding alternative solution for any construction projects. Standard Access is a trusted name among its clients for building suspended platform hoists in Melbourne. Our cable suspended working platforms are unique because they are suspended from above and known to give easy access to those areas of the building where there is almost no access below.

Our suspended platform rental services are not only safe and efficient but also affordable.The suspended platform is one of our most trusted services, which is in high demand among our clients because it gives complete assurance in providing safety to their employees while they are working on sky rises, industrial complexes, or any other skyscrapers.


Why to Choose Standard Access?


Standard Access is the first choice for construction companies who are working with heights and need to complete their work quickly and efficiently. We are a leading supplier of suspended platform hoists for rent as well as for sale. The demand for our suspended platform rental service is increasing daily because of the following specialities:

  • Cost-effective: We are known for installing building suspended platform hoists for the specific area of the construction site as per your requirements. This saves you time and money unlike building scaffolding, which is not only time consuming but also expensive.
  • Adaptable:They are designed in such a way that they can fit any façade, irrespective of their shape and design. They are adaptable to uneven or odd shaped buildings as well.
  • Easy to Construct, Install and Dismantle: Our clients love to use them because they are easy to construct, install, and dismantle on their construction site in Melbourne as they are made up of light materials.
  • A Significant Loading Capacity: Our building suspended platform hoists in Melbourne have the ability to support a significant amount of weight, which allows our clients to move the required materials up and down easily and efficiently.
  • Exclusive Safety Services: We provide full end-to-end safety services for your employees using a suspended working platform that includes pre- installation risk management, delivery, installation, erection, and dismantling.
  • Certified Professionals:We have a team of highly experienced certified professionals who have expertise in this specific area and give easy solutions to your hoist problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Complete Solution to Your Easy Access to Height: We supply suspended platform hoist products to cater for your needs after a complete survey of your project site and requirements. This saves you time as all the responsibilities for successful completion of your construction project is taken on board by us.


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