Passenger, Personnel & Industrial Lift

Safely Transport Every Passenger with a Permanent Industrial Personnel Lift by Scan-Rent

Across Australia, tens of thousands of industrial sites hum throughout the day and night with energy and activity, producing necessities for day to day life and commerce. From power plants and oil refineries to mining sites and more, these efforts are spread out across many industries. On many of these job sites, though, there is one common challenge: how to safely transport personnel to important areas that only have vertical access. It could be an area on-site that requires periodic maintenance, or it could be a temporary requirement based on new construction or renovation. Whatever the reason, an industrial lift with a passenger rating is the obvious solution — but which product aligns with your site’s requirements?

Scan-Rent, a leading provider of vertical access solutions for construction and industry, can provide both permanent lift solutions as well as short or long-term temporary solutions. Transporting staff quickly and safely to their work zones is a vital task, and our team takes that responsibility seriously. We are not simply a product provider, though — we deliver a complete service that includes consulting, pre-delivery planning, installation, and even ongoing support. When the need arises for a new personnel lift at an industrial site, we are ready to respond with the right solutions. Here are a few of the potential options that we can consider together.

Finding a solution that rises to the challenge

In the Scanclimber range, we can offer mast climbing platforms that make quick work of allowing personnel to access tough-to-reach maintenance areas. Suspended working platforms by Fixator allow for simple vertical access from a higher point — for example, if a crew must descend from a rooftop to access a space on the side of an industrial building. Our team will help to assess your requirements to determine if one of these solutions is a good fit.

Clients may also wish to consider a passenger lift by Netherlands-based Geda. These made-to-order products are ideal for especially challenging applications or companies with stringent requirements. With an available capacity of up to 2000kg, this lift makes quick work of transporting a passenger group or a large amount of material necessary for new construction or maintenance. No matter the precise location or the unique demands of the location requiring vertical access, we can identify a way forward for each client.

Leverage a broad field of experience to locate the right passenger lift

Choosing a passenger lift for your industrial site will depend largely on its intended application and location. Based on the maximum weight you expect to lift and the surrounding infrastructure, we can suggest which of our varied offerings will best fill the role. Do you need to prioritise speedy access over total capacity? Let us know — these are all concerns we can consider and address during an initial consultation. Ready to investigate potential solutions? Improve vertical access across your industrial site with Scan-Rent’s experienced assistance. Contact us on 0400 144 245, or send us an enquiry via email.