Personnel Hoists Sydney

High-Capacity Personnel and Construction Material Hoists in Sydney

Move materials and people vertically and with ease using a construction hoist in Sydney. Our platforms are sturdy and well-suited for any job. You want a vertical access surface that works efficiently and effectively every time you use it, and we can provide such a service.

We maintain each one of our Sydney construction hoists regularly to ensure they provide maximum safety and efficiency. A material hoist that can handle a large payload offers you some benefits. Primarily, when you use a heavy-duty platform, you require fewer transport trips. Why use your valuable time sending the platform up and down on multiple trips when you can move all the needed materials in one or two loads? Scan-Rent is here to ensure your Sydney work-site operates as efficiently as possible.

Increase Workplace Safety with a Personnel Hoist in Sydney

Keeping your workers safe is our number one priority, which is why every personnel hoist in our Sydney inventory has been checked and rated for safety. Working on scaffolds high in the air is risky business, and we make every effort to reduce those risks.

First, the cars on these hoists come with doors to keep your people secure inside. In the case of an emergency, these doors are easy to open and escape. Second, when we install the construction hoists in Sydney, we double check our work. We make sure every bolt is secure, and there is no danger of the car coming loose from its base. We aim to make your people feel as safe as possible when they are in one of our Sydney personnel hoist cars.

A secure material hoist is also essential to workplace safety. If one of these containers is improperly installed or damaged in some way, it could create unsafe conditions regarding falling debris. Our Sydney installation team follows all installation regulations to prevent such accidents from occurring.
Our construction hoists in Sydney vary in their carrying capacity. You don’t need an 800 kg container for small jobs, just as a 200 kg container is not suitable for jobs that require moving massive amounts of concrete, wood, and glass. Understanding the size and scope of your job is essential to choosing the proper construction hoist in Sydney.

When you start a job that requires a material hoist in Sydney, we will consult with you to better help you understand which platform best suits your needs. We discuss your options and make recommendations. Our goal is to provide you with the perfect equipment for the job.

Extensive Training for Material Hoists in Sydney

When you decide to hire or purchase material hoists in Sydney from us, we will train you how to use it. Proper operation is essential to maximising your product’s capabilities, and we can show you how to achieve that goal.

Our team members undergo rigorous training in the construction, installation, and dismantling of a variety of vertical access platforms. You can trust us to teach you the best way to operate your new construction hoist in Sydney. Our training services include site inspection and risk assessment, building, and erecting a variety of vertical access surfaces, safety operation, and more. Contact us today.