Passenger & Material Hoist Hire

Standard Access: A Leading Supplier of Passenger And Material Hoist


If you are searching for a professional supplier of a passenger and material hoist for building construction in Melbourne to give easy and safe access for vertical solutions, then Standard Access is the one stop solution for you. We are one of the premium suppliers of passenger and material hoists in Melbourne with many years of solid experience in construction projects related to residential, commercial,and industrial sectors.

Standard Access is a market leader in builders hoist hire and sale services.We feel proud to say that we have a wide range of hoists for building construction sites to help our clients successfully complete their projects on time within an affordable price range. Our main objective of providing quality passenger and material hoist products on hire and sale is to satisfy the safe vertical access needs of our clients by transporting their raw materials and passengers both quickly and safely at the construction site.


Specialities of Our Passenger and Material Hoist


The specialities of our passenger and material hoist products and services include:

  • Brand Hoist For Building Construction: We are renowned for supplying mainly three brands of passenger and material hoists to our clients. They are: RAXTAR, GEDA, and Scanclimber.
  • High Speed Hoist:If the speed of the builders hoists are a priority of any of our clients, then we always prefer to supply RAXTAR products because they are characterised by the exceptional speed of between 72 and 92 metres per minute.
  • Safe Vertical Access Solution: Our highly experienced team members take care to satisfy your expectations by enquiring about the type of material or the number of personnel you expect to carry daily on a material hoist.This helps us give you one of the safest and easiest vertical access solutions available.
  • Hoist Maintenance: We are renowned for offering quality builders hoist maintenance services in Melbourne to increase the efficiency of your hired hoist.
  • Latest Technology:We supply passenger and material hoists, backed by the latest upcoming technologies that are not only safe but also efficient and affordable.


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