Man and Material Hoists

Improving Construction Site Efficiency with Dependable Man and Material Hoists

Successful construction projects, especially those focused on high-rises or other large-scale developments, demand careful planning and forethought. The challenges involved in creating such a building are immense, and it is an undertaking that will involve a lot of men and material. As construction proceeds upward, transporting these two vital elements becomes a prime concern. It is essential that you can ensure safe site access throughout the project. However, there are already so many other logistical processes to manage before you even begin to consider the demands of installing a man and material host. What is the best way to approach this challenge?

At Scan-Rent, we have a professional team of seasoned industry veterans dedicated to delivering vertical access solutions that easily slot into your existing plans and infrastructure. As a complete end-to-end service provider, we can not only aid in selecting the right product for the job site, but we manage everything from the day of installation to final removal. Not only does this allow you to add a trustworthy material hoist to the job site, but there’s no additional burden on the project’s management resources. Take a moment to consider the process involved in working with Scan-Rent to choose a man or material hoist.

Choosing the man or material hoist for a given project

Very few construction efforts face the same conditions or challenges. From variance in the land and the weather to different architectural requirements, there are not many “one size fits all” choices when a project requires a material hoist. A hoist not rated for the amount of weight that it must vertically transport can pose a safety hazard, even if it is in pristine condition. Choosing a solution, therefore, requires a cautious assessment of the working conditions and the intended loads. The Scan-Rent team will coordinate with your firm to understand the exact demands of the project.

After product selection, we complete pre-delivery check-lists and then transport the equipment to the site. Your firm does not need to supply any labour; installation and erection are our responsibility. We strive to deliver quick turnaround times during this phase. Afterwards, we supply maintenance and service as needed to ensure consistent, efficient operation. When the hoist is no longer necessary, our team also dismantles and hauls away the equipment. This seamless integration of service into your construction processes makes vertical access almost an afterthought.

Enquire today about finding solutions through Scan-Rent

With products available from trusted brands such as RAXTAR, Fixator, and GEDA and our end-to-end abilities, worries about vertical access on-site quickly fade. We keep practices in place to ensure high reliability throughout every project and conduct all necessary inspections and maintenance throughout the life of your service contract.

Partner with Scan-Rent today to find the man and material hoist that aligns with your project’s unique demands. Refocus your attention on other aspects of the project as we provide thorough service from start to finish. To discuss further details or to reach out with questions, please contact us or call our offices on 0400 144 245.