minifor tr serieThe minifor™ hoist is compact, light-weight and easy to handle. Unlimited wire rope length and therefore unlimited lifting height. Available in various models. This hoist can also be used for pulling loads in any direction. Operated by a control pendant (2.5 m cable, Up/Down/Emergency Stop), which is supplied as standard. Power supply cable length 1 metre with CEE Form connector.

  • Unique lifting capacity/self-weight ratio
  • Unlimited wire rope length
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Working load can be increased by using sheaving kit
  • Up and down limit switches
  • Strong, robust and versatile (IP55)
  • Available in different lengths
  • Wire rope: 6.5 mm
Model WLL Lifting speed (m/min) Volts (V) Product Code (kg) Price
TR10 100 15 230 21 Enquire
TR30 300 5 230 21 Enquire
TR30S 300 13 230 32 Enquire
TR30S 300 13 400 28 Enquire
TR50 500 7 230 32 Enquire
TR50 500 7 400 28 Enquire

TR10 and TR30 standard delivered in metal storage box.
TR30S and TR50 standard delivered in cardboard packaging.
Excluding maxiflex wire rope.

Box for minifor™ TR30S/TR50 Model

Model Product Code
Box for minifor™ TR30S/TR50 102715

Sheaving kit for minifor™ series

The sheaving kit is used to double the lifting capacity of the minifor™.

  • The lifting speed is halved
  • Including 2 turning springs
Model Description WLL Product Code
sheaving kit TR10/TR30 with safety catch Bottom hook: Safety hook 200-600 217897
sheaving kit TR30/TR50 with safety catch Bottom hook: Safety hook 600-980 217887

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