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Standard Access: A One Stop Solution For Hoist Repairs, Rigging & Maintenance Services


If you are thinking of availing the quality builder hoist services under one roof, then Standard Access is a one stop solution for you. Standard Access is a leader in builder’s hoists, based in Melbourne, known for providing complete builders hoist solutions for our clients. We are the industry experts in providing easy, efficient, and safe vertical access to our clients, which includes hoist rigging, repair, and maintenance. We offer fast, efficient, and economic solutions to your building site hoist anywhere in Australia.

A hoist plays a very important role for providing easy access to the vertical heights at the building sites of residential, commercial,and industrial sectors. It requires great care, handling, and maintenance for the safe operation of the equipment. There are many small companies in Australia who run their projects on a limited budget. They cannot buy different types of building hoist lifts for the varieties of projects they undertake. For them, the renting of the building site hoist is the best option because it not only saves them money but also saves time. Our success history proves that they always prefer to choose Standard Access for our unique one stop rental solutions.


Why to Choose Standard Access for Rental Solutions?


Our latest technology and unique strategy makes us to flourish every day,while other builder hoist service companies are struggling. Standard Access are unique for the following reasons:

  • Cutting Edge Building Hoist Lift: We provide cutting edge solutions in utilising building hoist lifts, which are not only safe but also affordable.
  • Rigging & Hoist Repair Services: Our unique rental services include hoist rigging services as well as hoist repair services on our client’s construction site.
  • Hoist Maintenance: We are renowned for offering quality builders hoist maintenance services in Australia for the efficiency of your hired hoist.
  • Trained Experts: We have a team of highly experienced experts who frequently visit the client’s project site after rigging the hoist to ensure that it’s working properly.
  • Wide Range of Builders Hoist: We provide a complete range of world-class products to rent, to fulfil different project requirements.This includes man and material hoists, permanent lifts, cable suspended platforms, mast climbing work platforms, material hoists.
  • Brand Building Site Hoist: Our branded builders hoist products include Raxtar, GEDA, Scanclimber, Fixator, Tractel, XL Industries, Altrex, etc.

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