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Standard Access is one of Australia’s leading vertical access and hoisting providers. We offer our clients diverse access and hoisting solutions to address almost any requirement, conventional or extremely complex, for residential, industrial, and commercial environments.

We’re proud of our globally recognised OEM partnerships such as Alimak, Tractel, Scanclimber, GEDA, Raxtar, Jaso, XL Industries, Fixator, and many others, and for our industry-leading services and support.

We stock a wide range of equipment and components you can always depend on to suit projects of varying sizes and specifications at our service centers in Melbourne and Singapore, servicing Australia and Southeast Asia.

Our complete offering includes;

short and long-term equipment hire

sales and installation of permanent industrial elevators and

annual equipment inspections, servicing, overhauls, and accessory sales.

Underpinning our client value is a culture of care and accountability. This is best demonstrated by our in-house engineering team who invest deeply in understanding every project to determine a client’s needs to deliver a project with the highest safety,  performance, budget and program outcomes.

Building our market-leading reputation has been no accident. Every day we work hard at listening, innovating, designing, and delivering solutions that help clients deliver with confidence, enabling us to forge numerous long-standing client relationships across the region.

Why Choose Our Material Hoist Solutions?

Through our commitment to safety and the delivery of the highest quality material life rental services, Standard Access is known as an industry leader. Our dedication to the provision of the best vertical access solutions consistently meets and exceeds our clients’ needs.

  • Load Capacity Accommodation
    No matter what purpose you need vertical access for, we’ve got you covered. Our construction material lifts have the capability to cater to loads of up to 3,700 kilograms.


  • Vertical Accessibility
    Our material lift hoist solutions have great flexibility in their applications – providing access up to 100 metres.
  • Ease of Assembly
    Equipment that is easy to use and intuitively erected. All of our lifting equipment is structurally engineered to resist even the most severe weather conditions with ease.


  • Functional Design
    Our equipment is functionally and methodically designed by leading European engineers, putting the finished products at the leading edge of the industry.


    Pre and Post Delivery Services

    The safety of personnel remains our top priority. Ensuring this throughout the entirety of a project is achieved by:

    • Pre-delivery risk assessments
    • Prompt delivery of the required equipment
    • Circumspect installation and erection of vertical solutions at the site
    • Meticulous onsite maintenance of material hoists
    • Thorough and attentive dismantlement of equipment at the end of any project

    Standard Access Hoist Hire

    Our Hoist Hire Service Ensures You Start Your Project on the Right Track

    Are you about to commence construction or begin a major renovation? Securing the right hoist hire is a civil infrastructure choice, fundamental to your projects success. The Standard Access team ensures that you not only make the best choice, but also are continually supported throughout the entirety of your project.


    What Sets Apart Standard Access’s Hoist Hire?

    We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned as an industry leader.
    This status reflects our key points of difference and the advantages we afford our clients:

    • Complete end-to-end service guarantees that you don’t need to think about erecting or maintaining your construction material hoist. Your organisation can remain focused on progressing toward project milestones.
    • Comprehensive capabilities in lifting capacity and heights, with our upper echelons topping out at 3200 kilograms in payload and 300 metres in height. The diversity of our capabilities is an invaluable benefit as we have a solution specifically suited to every need. No matter the scope of your project, we have you covered.
    • Unrelenting dedication to safety ensures that the wellbeing of personnel is never compromised. Getting the job done is essential, but safety is always more important. Our service is characterised by this commitment in every aspect.

    With these qualities ingrained in the very fibre of our organisational culture, we support our clients’ implementation of hoist and scaffold solutions, safe work and progression to project conclusion.


    The Need for Reliable Hoists

    Why is the selection of construction hoist rental and related services so critical? Having the right hoist allows you to:

    • Reliably and routinely transport materials in line with the needs of your project’s schedule. Easily operated equipment ensures that workers don’t need to waste time troubleshooting.
    • Avoid wasting time with solutions that offer inadequate functionality for your project’s needs. With our consultative approach, Standard Access ensures you choose the ideal equipment for the job.
    • Remain focused and avoid delays even when the project is concluding. Fast and methodical dismantlement of construction infrastructure means you’re positioned to focus on applying the finishing touches.



    At Standard Access, we take pride in our consistent delivery of affordable and valuable services for construction, no matter the scope of the project. Our clients benefit not only in the quality of equipment they receive, but also from the cost-effectiveness of our solutions. Our comprehensive solutions ensure compatibility between our equipment and your project’s demands. We eagerly await collaborating with new and old clients. Contact us today for a material hoist solution.


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    We’ve Got Your Vertical Access Needs Covered



    The world’s leader in permanent suspended access solutions, with more than 8,000 Building Maintenance Units references worldwide.


    Built in the Netherlands, RAXTAR leads the way for the largest customised passenger & materials hoists in the world.


    Provides vertical access solutions including passenger & materials hoists, material hoists/transport platforms and permanent lifts.


    Simply the best when it comes to customised solutions. With their innovative flare they have built the best formwork hoists in the world.


    German manufacturer GEDA offers a broad range of lightweight material hoists and transport platforms.


    The manufacturer of aluminium suspended platforms and scaffolding in Holland for 65 years, achieving the highest quality in aluminium welding.
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    Since its creation in 1975, JASO has assisted millions of customers worldwide in all types of projects, large and small, offering efficient and affordable solutions.

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