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Standard Access: A Trusted Personnel &Material Hoist Solution In Melbourne


Standard Access is a leading supplier of a wide range of personnel and material hoists to satisfy all the needs of our clients as per the project requirements. Our man and material hoist products for rent or sale, vary in shape, size, loading capacity, and speed to cater to different needs and requirements of our clients. We are known throughout Australia because we handle every requirement for using man and material hoists, starting from planning to engineering and fabrication.
Standard Access offers a complete turnkey package of man and material hoists to its customer. All the installation and dismantling of products are done by trained and certified in-house professionals.All of our operators, technicians, and riggers are well-experienced and certified.


What Makes Our Personnel Hoist Product Different?


Some of the unique characteristics the personnel hoists that Standard Access offer our clients that makes them different from other personnel hoist companies in Melbourne are listed below:

  • Improves Site Efficiency: Our man and material hoists are designed to withstand heavy project workloads and to reduce the time required for the craneage of heavy loads. Hence, it improves site efficiency.
  • Reliable and Robust Lifting Equipment: They are made up of galvanised stainless steel and iron, which make them robust and reliable to use.
  • Frequency Control Mechanism: Its frequency control mechanism helps in smooth operation of the product with different load capacities.
  • User Friendly: It has been designed in such a way that it’s very easy to operate.
  • Easy Operation of Door Structure: It has the facility of the sliding door features that opens sideways, up and down. It can be operated both electronically and manually.
  • Wide Range of Man & Material Hoist Products: Our wide range of man and material hoist products make it possible for us to cater to all the needs of our clients and undertake all the projects, irrespective of their size, space, or any other factors.


Specialities Of Our Services


Our clients know us for our exceptional services, world-class products, and expertise in handling the products on building sites in Melbourne. Our services are considered unique in the Australian market because we adopt a strategy to satisfy our clients where we not only take care of their interests but also their budget. Following are some of the specialities of our services:

  • We are diligent and our products are based on latest upcoming technologies.
  • Our top priority is to ensure the complete safety of personal hoist usage to our clients.
  • Our products and services are compliant with the consumer laws and regulations of the Australian Government.
  • We upgrade our products as per the strict rules and regulations of the Australian standards to make it more practical and secure.


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