Suspended Access (Swings/Gondolas) & BMUs

Standard Access provides Suspended Access and Building Maintenance Unit solutions for building and infrastructure projects. We have partnered with the Tractel® brand who have over 40 years of experience developing permanent access solutions for clients around the globe.

At Standard Access, we ability to advise you on all aspects of your building or infrastructure access project, from conceptual engineering to installation on site. Whether your job calls for a building maintenance unit (BMU), cradle, monorail, gantry, davits, or if you need a permanent lifeline, our permanent access and BMU; s service a solution to meet your requirements

Suspended Access
Why choose standard access?

We provide solutions that can easily be integrated into complex architectural designs and match your aesthetic and technical requirements. Standard Access offers a complete range of permanent access solutions including:

  • Powered and Special Cradles: to be used with BMUs, davits and monorails
  • Polelifts: for buildings under 20m high without taking up roof space
  • Ladders and Traveling Gantries: an access solution particularly suited for glazed structures
  • Permanent Lifelines: a secure access solution for rooftop maintenance
  • Bridge Gantries or Suspension Trolleys: a specific solution for bridge maintenance

Wind Turbine
Building Maintenance Units